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Rule 1: Post the rules.

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1. What is your ‘tear-jerker’ movie? And what scene does the job?
This is a toughie I don’t really cry at movies but when I was channel surfing I skimmed through I am Sam and had to change the channel because I started sniffling. So I guess if I ever watched that one?

2. So you made it this far! What is the next step to your dream? 
My current dream is coming true, I guess I have to go out and find a new one.

3. You’re stuck on an island and you only have your bag/purse with you. What is in the bag/purse?
Book, Phone, headphones for music, Pencils, bus schedules, Camera
my purse is boring ;-; 

4. Which Disney villain would you choose to be? Why?!
(This one was meant for me wasn’t it?) UHM
Maleficent cause she’s badass and turns into a dragon. OR Scar because I like lions. 

5. Think carefully, I mean it! Everything about you will change, and you can keep one trait of your appearance and one trait of your personality: What are two traits would you keep?
Appearance: eyes, I love my Blue babies<3 Personality: my optimism  Seems dumb but it’s me

6. If you can spend the day with anyone who has passed away (famous or not), who would that person be?
Tough, I’d want to be with my grandpa because I love him and miss him, or Shane. Mainly the two people I wish I could change my last interaction with.

7. When was the last time you wrote an appreciation letter to a friend? :( (Maybe you should take this opportunity to write one?!)
I haven’t in a long time! I must :o

8. Who was the last person you were proud of and why?
This will sound terrible but I guess myself. I recently admitted out loud that my family’s personal problems were not in fact mine and therefore they cannot affect how my future unfolds. 

9. What is your favorite food? YUM!
French Fries *0* 

10. What is one thing you are a proud supporter of?
T-Rex trying. No matter the odds, he keeps trying.

11. Are you going to vote? 

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10 questions for you! 

1. If you could relive any day from your memory but change one thing without terrible consequences, what day would it be and why?
2. What’s the best thing about the people closest to you?
3. You have the chance to completely re-do your life, everything that’s happened so far is completely erase. Would you take the new life or continue this one?
4.  Favorite Shel Silverstien book (everybody has one)
5. Last movie you saw and why?
6. Last song you listened to and why?
7. What has changed between now and this time last year
8. What do you want for Christmas?
9. How was your week?
10. What is the reason you re-read your favorite book?

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